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Eating well means maintaining an appropriate weight, which is beneficial for our general health. But when you are overweight, it is sometimes necessary to rebalance your tips on how to lose weight fast. Beyond certain essential rules to respect (balance your menus, avoid industrial food, snack, eat in reasonable quantities, etc.), there are fat-burning foods to be distributed on menus throughout the week.
On the salty side, we forget ultra-processed foods (prepared meals, appetizer biscuits, fast food, etc.), which are too rich in salt, sugar, and fat and which contain trans fatty acids, additives, preservatives, etc.

On the sweet side, we forget pastries, cakes, pastries… Except from time to time, to have fun. We favor fruit-based snacks (organic, preferably!): fresh fruit, compotes, smoothies, dried fruits, and a square of dark chocolate.

Finally, a balanced diet must be combined with physical activity, whatever it is. It will prevent excessive weight gain and reduce the risk of certain diseases (type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, etc.).

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently?

Do you want a light and toned silhouette quickly? In just one month, burn fat and shed excess pounds with this program from Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, which is both low-calorie and balanced for health. Supplemented by regular physical activity and healthy lifestyle measures, it helps to lose weight effectively, easily, and sustainably.
lose weight without regaining lost weight

Here are the five key principles of this express slimming diet developed by Dr. Cohen, as well as three typical days to lose pounds quickly. It allows you to lose weight quickly and well without harming your health since it only rations sugar, salt, and bad fats.


I prefer vegetables that are rich in water and fiber.
Cooked or raw, vegetables are not only the best allies in most diets but also the basis of a healthy and balanced diet. Indeed, their maximum energy value is 60 to 70 calories per 100 g, while chocolate displays 540 and biscuits between 400 and 550.

Another advantage is that they are ultra-rich in fiber, and once mixed with the liquid in the stomach, they swell and occupy volume. When you consume enough, the feeling of satiation comes quickly and at a lower cost. Know that starting the meal with vegetables reduces the rest of the food intake by about 15%! A real boost for weight loss.

How do I get there? The best way is to start each meal with raw vegetables. It filled half the plate of the dish with vegetables cooked without fat (steamed, sautéed in a non-stick pan, etc.). There are many ways to consume vegetables (but also fruits) more easily and stick to them!

I also track salt, a flawless method for a sustainable diet.
We do not always suspect it, but salt is responsible for a lot of our weight gain! Modifying the taste of food makes it more appetizing and increases our attraction to certain people.

In addition, the sodium it contains promotes not only water retention and swelling in the tissues but also high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. It is, therefore, to be reduced as much as possible, whether it is the salt added to foods or foods that are already salty (prepared meals, industrial dishes, charcuterie, etc.).

How do I get there? We salt little in the kitchen: starches, meats, and fish (vegetables contain mineral salts). To enhance the taste, herbs, spices, and aromatics are used. We limit preserves, hard or blue-veined cheeses, smoked fish, and charcuterie. Prepared meals are reserved for troubleshooting, checking that they contain less than 1 g of salt per portion (400 mg of sodium).

For rapid weight loss, I ration sugars and fats.
Fats are the nutrients that provide the most energy (9 calories per 1 g). To lose weight, it is essential to reduce their consumption, but without eliminating them, because certain fatty acids are essential for the functioning of cells. As for sugar, it is less caloric (4 calories/g), but it is the energy it provides that the body stores and restocks as a priority: when you eat too much of it, you get fat; when you don’t consume enough of it, we melt.

How do I get there? We measure the fat in our food for seasoning and cooking: 2 tbsp. Of vegetable oils per day, favoring the richest in essential fatty acids (rapeseed, sunflower, flax, etc.), and 10 g of raw butter. We prefer lean meats (poultry, filet mignon, etc.). We limit ourselves to one serving of cheese a day, and we opt for skimmed dairy products.

Finally, another tip:

Remove added sugar and sweet products (drinks, industrial fruit juices, cakes, cookies, milk creams, etc.). We bet on:

  • Fruits (3 per day);
  • Starches (100 g, cooked at lunch);
  • Bread (1 slice at dinner, 2 at breakfast), favoring whole versions.

I keep good rations of meat and fish.
They are the best sources of complete proteins that contain all the essential amino acids. Proteins are serious allies! First, they promote satiety. Then, they require a significant energy expenditure to be assimilated. Finally, they contribute to preserving muscle mass and therefore to maintaining a good basic metabolism over the long term (i.e., the expenditure of the body at rest).

How do I get there? One portion (150 g) of meat, fish, or two eggs is eaten at lunch and dinner. And above all, to dislodge the pounds quickly, we choose the “good” proteins: we favor lean pieces (except oily fish once a week for omega-3 fatty acids, which we cook without fat). We complete with a portion of cheese: 20 to 40 g of cheese and two skimmed dairy products per day.

How much Weight can you Lose in a Month with Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has many benefits for losing weight quickly and sustainably. Indeed, partially depriving yourself of food for lose weight fast and the mobilization of fat reserves. The ideal fasting duration for optimal results would be 16 to 20 hours.

How do I get there? We schedule three in a week, maximum. There are two options: either we dine early, spend the night, and skip breakfast, or we skip dinner and only eat the next morning. In both cases, it’s been 16 hours without eating. During these fasts, we drink to promote elimination: mineral water, tea, herbal teas, and vegetable broth.

Be careful; however, intermittent fasting is not recommended for certain people, such as children and adolescents under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with diabetes or blood sugar problems, and people with a history of eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.).

Food Supplement to Lose Weight

Many special slimming food supplements (such as capsules, ampoules, powder, gummies, etc.) are available without a prescription in pharmacies or drugstores, in organic stores, on the internet, or in supermarkets. Whether their action is appetite suppressant, anti-water retention, flat stomach, or fat-burning, they promise to promote weight loss. Before embarking on a course of dietary supplements to lose weight, here is what you need to know:

Lose Weight Sport

Having a healthy diet allows you to stay in shape and, above all, to maintain your ideal weight (or regain it). But for quick and optimal results, a balanced lifestyle is also necessary, and often a balanced diet must be combined with regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day.

Not to mention that the regular practice of a sport promotes the secretion of serotonin (the hormone of well-being) while reducing that of cortisol (the stress hormone).

The choice of activity then depends on your weight loss goal and your physical condition. Running, swimming, cycling, yoga, brisk walking… You can choose your program and your sport according to these criteria. It’s all about eating well and moving your body well!

A nutritionist dietician, nutritionist doctor, or even a sports coach can accompany you for lasting and healthy weight loss. here are some best sports for weight loss

Weight Loss Devices

Palpate rolling, radiofrequency, Cello M6, Waterbuck, Body sculptor, Power Plate, slimming corset, technical (Guinto), Venus Legacy, or Lipocontrast: there are many machines and technologies available in institutes, gyms, physiotherapists, or cosmetic doctors to firm your skin, tone it, fight against bulges, etc. Each technique and each device adapts to the part of the body you want to target.

How do I lose weight effectively and easily in one month?
Here are two typical days of menus with intermittent fasting (breakfast or dinner) to follow for a month to lose weight quickly and sustainably.

A typical day with fasting (version without breakfast)
Upon waking and in the morning: water, tea, coffee, sugar-free herbal teas, or lightly salted vegetable broth as desired;

A typical day with fasting (version without dinner)

From the end of lunch to the next morning: unlimited water, tea, coffee, sugar-free herbal teas, or low-salt vegetable broth.

A typical 1400-calorie day
Here’s a typical day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus that don’t exceed 1,400 daily calories.

Weight Loss Breakfast Menu: Coffee, tea, or infusion without sugar; 2 thin slices (30 g) of bakery bread (whole meal, cereals, countryside, tradition); 10 g of butter; 1 plain, 0%-fat dairy product; 1 fresh fruit;

Lunch for Weight Loss: raw vegetables with vinaigrette (1 tsp oil) • 150 g of meat, fish, or 2 fat-free eggs; • 4 tbsp. of starches (100 g, cooked weight) without fat • Cooked vegetables without fat • 1 plain dairy product at 0% fat; • 1 fruit;

Dinner Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Raw vegetables with vinaigrette (1 tsp of oil) • 150 g of meat, fish, or 2 eggs without fat • Vegetables cooked without fat • 20 to 40 g of cheese; • 1 thin slice (15 g) of bakery bread (whole meal, cereals, country, tradition); • 1 fruit.

Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight: Some tips for losing weight quickly and well
Some dietary advice and lifestyle adjustments can also help you lose weight.

Drinking Water for Health. Water is your ally if you want to lose weight. It is not water that allows you to lose weight, but the fact of drinking it contributes to weight loss: it speeds up the burning of calories, burns fat, promotes the elimination of waste, etc.

Take the time to Eat: Eating quickly is not only bad for digestion but also increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity, having a very low level of good cholesterol, high triglycerides, etc.

Get Enough Sleep: studies have shown that poor sleep is associated with weight gain, including obesity;

Limit Stress: Eating can have a calming effect on stressful situations and negative emotions. In times of stress or anxiety, we throw ourselves into the pantry. Therefore, avoiding daily stress (as much as you can) is foremost essential for your well-being and your health, but it can also help you in your weight loss.

Do not lose weight “too” quickly; losing weight too quickly can be stressful for the body. In addition, it’s easy to fall into food restrictions to reach your goals faster. But this will only create frustration and may lead you to compensate for cravings or compulsive eating. Keep eating the things you love (it’s all about doing it in moderation) and, above all, be kind to yourself. If you see the diet affecting your mental health, take a break or get a professional to help you.

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