southern fried cabbage

Southern Fried Cabbage is a perfect side dish for any meal!

Fried cabbage and crispy bacon is a tasty side dish or a satisfying main dish your family will love!

Some of the best comfort foods are the simplest ones. Fried cabbage reminds me of family gatherings or Sunday dinners when I was a kid and even then, I loved it! It tastes so good that you forget it’s a vegetable!

I’ve seen fried cabbage cooked in different ways. Some swear by a “secret ingredient” or a family recipe, but I’ve found that this simple method is by far my favorite.

This recipe is low-carb, keto-approved, and will help you get a considerable serving of vegetables. (We may slather them in bacon fat, but who’s counting?)


Four simple ingredients (and maybe a pinch of sugar to taste) are all it takes to make this truly delicious cabbage dish. When picking out your cabbage head, go for a big one because you’re going to want seconds!

. ½ head of green cabbage: I often double the recipe and use a whole head of cabbage. I’ve noticed nobody has just one serving. However, if there are only a couple of people eating, then half a head should be enough.
2 slices of bacon: I look for thick slices of high-quality bacon. If you’re a true bacon lover, you can cook some extra slices so you can crumble some on top after we do the cabbage cooking.
. ¼ cup white onion: I diced my onion tiny. Small pieces of onion just mix so much better with the cabbage.
. ¼ teaspoon salt and pepper; you can always add more at the end if needed. Taste it before adding additional salt because the bacon itself is inherently salty and you don’t want to overdo it.
1 pinch of sugar (optional): If your childhood memory of fried cabbage was just a little sweet, add a small pinch of sugar. I find it tasty either way, so I usually omit it.


. Prep. Dice ¼ cup of onion and chop ½ cabbage (discard the core). Heat your skillet over medium heat.
Cook bacon. Add your 2 slices of bacon to the hot skillet and fry until crispy, usually around 3 minutes on the first side before flipping and cooking for an additional 2 minutes on the other side. Once crispy, remove the bacon and chop it into small pieces. Then set it aside.
Cook the cabbage. With the bacon fat still in the skillet, add the chopped cabbage, chopped onion, ¼ teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon of pepper, and a pinch of sugar if desired. Continue frying the ingredients over medium heat until they are soft and tender, usually about 5 minutes, stirring frequently.
. Finish and serve. Turn off the heat and stir the chopped bacon into the cabbage. Serve immediately.
I can easily double this recipe to fit the size of your group. Fried cabbage pairs well with roasted chicken, pork chops, beef roast, or anything else. I also love serving it alone in a bowl!

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