Standing Rib Roast (Beef Rib)

The standing rib roast is considered by many to be the best roast beef in the world. Also known as prime rib, this is an incredibly succulent cut of beef with superior flavor. This recipe uses a safe, simple but very effective roasting method   to ensure the beef browns throughout.

The standing rib roast is considered by many to be the best roast beef in the world. Also known as prime rib, this is an incredibly succulent cut of beef with superior flavor. This recipe uses a safe, simple but very effective roasting method   to ensure the beef browns throughout.

Standing Rib Roast – Don’t Make This Mistake!

The biggest mistake people make with prime rib is not accounting for the fact that the beef continues to cook while it rests. So if you take it out of the oven at 52°C / 125°F, the target temperature for medium rare, it will rise to 55°C / 130°F or higher once rested, which is medium. That means there isn’t much pink left!

So you need to remove the beef from the oven  before  your target temperature. Here is a chart of the internal temperature of prime rib for different levels of doneness.

Internal temperature of cooked prime rib

The internal temperature of the prime rib will rise 3 to 4°C / 5 to 7°F while resting, so it should be removed from the oven before reaching the target internal temperature for the desired level of doneness.

Cooking Pull the temperature Target temperature
after rest
Rare 46°C/115°F 49°C/120°F
Moderately rare (recommended) 48°C / 118°F 52°C / 125°F
AVERAGE 51°C/123°F 55°C / 130°F
Average well done 53°C/127°F 57°C/135°F
Good game Never! n / A
  • Target Temperature After Resting  – This is the internal temperature for each cooking level, after resting.
  • Draw Temperature  – this is the target internal temperature when you take it out of the oven, and it is lower than the target temperature to achieve the desired level of doneness. The temperature rises as the beef rests. If you take the beef out of the oven at the target temperature, by the time the beef rests it will be past what you wanted.

Prime rib  – simply the best

There’s no doubt – the Standing Rib Roast is the crème de la crème of roasts. Also known as prime rib, this is THE roast beef with superior flavor, texture and juiciness to all other cuts of beef.

This is certainly not an economical cut. It’s an investment worthy of special occasions when you gather with like-minded people who will appreciate that moment as you slice into the deep, garlic-studded golden crust, those people in your life who will cheer with joy at the sight of the rosy pink flesh, knowing it’s going to taste  as   incredibly juicy as it looks…..

Safe and highly effective cooking method

A quick blast in a hot oven for 20 minutes, then 1.5 hours at a lower temperature. This results in a roast that is evenly cooked throughout your chosen doneness (medium rare for me!), with a deep golden crust.

This method is  safe and very effective  , with the benefits of long slow cooking but much quicker to do.

Roasting at a lower temperature is   better than a Hard & Fast roast  because it cooks more evenly (no overcooked outer ring!), there is less risk of overcooking and the fat will melt to make the meat even more tender. juicy.

How to Choose the Best Standing Rib Roast

I know I’m stating the obvious here, but the better the beef, the better the dining experience. ??

TIP: If your budget doesn’t stretch to prime rib  ,  use my   Roast  Beef Marinade  to get the most out of budget-friendly cuts of roast beef!

America –  If you’re in the United States, the USDA has made it easy for you by rating prime rib: Prime (best), followed by Choice and then Select. Grading is largely based on marbling and oily taste.

Here in Australia  we don’t have a consistent grading system. But what I can say for sure is that if you want a good quality standing rib roast, skip the supermarket and head to your local butcher. Grass-fed   or   grain  -fed  comes down to personal choice.

Fed grains   generally have  better marbling and therefore a richer, fattier flavor. Grass-fed foods  are generally lower in fat, but people (including me!) think the flavor of beef is richer, more savory, and the meat is more tender.

If you want top shelf, go for   dry-  aged  beef  . You’ll pay big bucks for this, but it’s worth it!

The standing rib roast pictured above and below was prepared the standard way we do it here: fat cap trimmed and bones scraped for presentation.

Foil:  Some butchers will sell the rib roast standing up with foil wrapped around the bones. This is to prevent the bones from browning, for presentation purposes only. It looks striking having a dark brown crust, pink meat and a white bone. If the beef comes with it, I leave it. But I don’t do it myself.

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How Beef is Cut –  Boneless/Deboned/Tied

This recipe will work great whether boneless or boneless, or tied up. But I’m a firm believer that anything cooked on the bone is juicier, so the idea of ​​roasting a prime rib without the bone never crossed my mind.

Plus – I just think it looks   big  on the bone! And isn’t chewing the meat off the bone the best bit?? ??

In the United States, you will find butchers who remove the bone and then reattach it. Here in Australia you would have to request a special order to have the bone cut.

The meat itself is so incredibly juicy (with the bonus of garlic and herb butter!), I really doubt you’ll notice a difference. So use what you can get, or whatever your personal preference is!

Ingredients you need

When you invest in a good cut of beef, you don’t need to do much with it.

But then again, a good coating of herb and garlic butter certainly doesn’t hurt! ??

Using softened rather than melted butter works much better because the garlic and herb bits stick to the skin, creating a wonderful golden herb and garlic crust!

Feel free to change the herbs for what you have/prefer. Plus, dried herbs work too!

How to Make a Standing Rib Roast

After brushing the beef with butter, sauté it for 20 minutes in a hot oven to cook the crust, then roast it in a relatively low oven at 120°C/250°F for an additional 1.5 hours before to rest for 20 to 30 minutes.

The high temperature creates a crust quickly, sealing the juices inside. Then we lower the temperature to roast it slowly and evenly so that it browns completely, rather than ending up with a thick, overcooked strip around the outside of the beef.

There are recipes “out there” that choose to use an even lower temperature and roast for up to 10 hours. This method cooks the prime rib so slowly that it is evenly pink from edge to edge, then sears at the end to form a thin, dark crust.

We actually prefer to have the textural contrast of a thin layer of cooked beef on the outer edge of the beef. It’s still 90% pink and cooked to medium-rare!

Never skip the 20 minutes of rest, which is essential to allow the meat juices to redistribute. If you don’t rest, the meat juices will run everywhere when you slice it = not as juicy.

Target internal temperature

Remember, as I explained at the top, remove the beef from the oven  before  your final target temperature, as the internal temperature will continue to rise upon resting for 20 minutes. If you take the beef out of the oven when it is already medium rare (52°C / 125°F), it will be medium rare after resting – there is almost no pink left!

Cooking Take out the   oven temperature Target temperature
after rest
Rare 46°C/115°F 49°C/120°F
Moderately rare (recommended) 48°C / 118°F 52°C / 125°F
AVERAGE 51°C/123°F 55°C / 130°F
Average well done 53°C / 127°F 57°C / 135°F
Good game Never! n / A

The target temperature is the final internal temperature for each cooking level. Pull Temp is the temperature at which beef should be removed from the oven. It will rise to the target temperature after 20 minutes of rest.

Why I roast on a bed of onion, garlic and herbs

I like to roast my rib standing up on a bed of onion, garlic and herbs which serves three purposes:

  1. Elevates beef from the base to encourage more even cooking;
  2. Prevents drippings from burning (oven smokes + cannot make sauce from drippings); And
  3. Adds more flavor to drippings which are then used to make a sauce for prime rib.

Key tip: remove from the refrigerator 2 hours before

A standing rib roast is a wonderful piece of meat so to encourage even cooking, I like to remove it from the refrigerator 2 or even 3 hours before cooking.

By reducing the cold in the beef, it prevents the beef from cooking so you end up with a very thick layer of overcooked beef on the outside and a small circle of perfectly cooked pink beef in the middle.

Prime Rib Sauce – Red Wine Sauce

The beef juices left in the pan are loaded with flavor and just begging to be used for a sauce!

Red wine and beef is a classic flavor combination, so that’s what I chose here. Essentially, we make a  red wine gravy  by rapidly simmering beef stock and red wine in the same pan that the beef was roasted in until it reduces to an intensely flavored and very flavorful sauce. .

I like my sauces to have a syrupy consistency so I add a little cornstarch to thicken it. But this is optional – most red wine gravies are not thickened, they are quite runny sauces.

What to serve with prime rib

For a premium dining experience, you can’t go past Paris Mash (pictured below) – super rich and creamy mashed potatoes! Potatoes au gratin   are an elegant French potato side option, ideal for making ahead. Alternatively, rich and creamy cauliflower cheese is a British roast dinner classic! For greens, garlic-sautéed spinach pairs exceptionally well with prime rib and is a classic steakhouse side!

Here are some additional options:


Imagine that moment when you carve thick slices of that standing rib roast that is almost unbelievably juicy, blushing pink inside with that salty, buttery, herb-garlic crust….

It’s so incredibly tender, and it’s so perfect that you know you could eat it all plain…. But THEN you add a drizzle of this amazing red wine sauce…..

There. Are. No words. It’s almost as perfect as a meal. If You Want to know how make an Baked Salmon With Lemon recipe so Click the Link.

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