Tips For Cooking

Tips For Cooking For Beginners

These tips will make you a great chef – or almost!

The 14 Best Cooking Tips
Whether you are an ace in the kitchen or a very amateur cook, tips and tricks aimed at making our task easier when preparing simple or complex healthy diet foods are always welcome!

Here are 14 tips that should help you!

Tip #1: Never try a new recipe at an event

It’s not before having the entire in-laws over for dinner that you should try this coq au vin recipe that you want so much! You might be chained to your kitchen to prepare this new dish and of course, things could go wrong, as is often the case when trying a new experiment. When you have a group over, go with a safe bet. A tasty recipe that you master well!

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Tip #2: Always taste and season during the process

In order not to be disappointed by the result of your long hours spent in the kitchen, taste, taste and taste again and adjust the seasoning as needed. You will find the perfect combination, which will make your dish an unforgettable memory for everyone!

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Tip #3: Finish the pasta in the pan

For many people, serving pasta means throwing a few on a plate and topping them with a dollop of sauce in the middle, right?
This is not what should be done. Instead, do this:

On the stove there should be two pots, one with pasta and one with sauce. The pasta must be cooked  al dente  and transferred to the sauce. Next, add a little pasta water (the starchy water the pasta was cooked in), which will help the sauce cling to the pasta while maintaining the right consistency. Perfect!

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Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to set off the smoke alarm

If you want to cook the perfect steak, you need to be comfortable with a little smoky cooking. Because to achieve this, the meat must be dry and the pan must be close to smoking. Trust, it’s worth a few seconds of alarm!

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Tip #5: Salt the steak like it’s a frozen driveway

Most foods are ruined by too much salt, but not steak. Before cooking it, use plenty of coarse salt (even more than that). Since most steaks are thick, you want to add enough so that it doesn’t just cover the surface.

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Tip #6: With an egg, it’s better!

Whether you’re making avocado toast, pizza, fried rice, or a burger, adding a fried egg on top will elevate your taste experience to another level.

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Tip #7: Read the entire recipe before starting

It may seem obvious, but everyone one day thinks they know what to do and starts preparing a dish without checking the procedure and the quantities of the ingredients. Big mistake!

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Tip #8: Cook grains in doubles

Preparing rice, quinoa and oatmeal in large quantities is very convenient. They will keep for a week in the fridge once cooked.
Ideal for lunches or to accompany quick dinners.

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Tip #9: Reuse Bacon Grease

After a delicious brunch, don’t throw the bacon grease into the pan, but keep it in the refrigerator or freezer. Then, whenever you prepare a dish that usually calls for oil, cook it in bacon grease instead. Tasty, even with Brussels sprouts!

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Tip #10: Don’t just think about salt

When a dish is lacking a little something, adding salt isn’t always the answer. To add a little punch to a recipe, try an acidic flavor instead, like lemon.

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Tip #11: Take care of knives

A set of good knives can make the difference between a stressful cooking experience and a great time in the kitchen. First, practice your skills with a knife. Watch tutorials on YouTube and practice cutting, slicing into julienne strips, making duxelles… It’s amazing what you can do with your cooking time when your prep time is shortened with solid cutting skills! Then learn how to properly maintain them. This is the key to being a good leader!

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Tip #12: Choose low and slow cooking

The key to tasty roasts? Cook at low temperature for a long time. But it’s not the same for roasting vegetables. For crispy butternut squash or perfectly cooked Brussels sprouts, remember the magic number: 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any lower and you risk pulling a limp vegetable out of the oven. This may seem high, but to get the nice roasted flavor, you need this. And speaking of vegetables, stop piling them into a pan; It soaks them!

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Tip #13: Refrigerate Cookie Dough

Refrigerating the cookie dough for a few hours really makes a difference! Chilling your dough intensifies the flavors and provides a soft, crunchy texture that we love so much!

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Tips #14: Be generous with garlic

It’s not the best for breath, but it’s worth it! You can double the suggested amount of garlic…and then avoid kissing people!

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